I en artikel på The Washington Post går att läsa något som inte är något nytt för den insatta, nämligen att Gazaborna är missnöjda med Hamas. Den annars så aktiva Palestinavänstern (till exempel ”hjälpkonvojer” till Gaza en gång i året) är dock förvånansvärt tyst och passiv inför detta. Vad det kan bero på vet jag inte riktigt.

I slutet av artikeln står följande:

Despite public discontent, Hamas officials seem unruffled. The movement’s grip inside Gaza remains near-total, in part because a unity deal with Fatah, which could lead to elections, is on ice.

That leaves Abu Khaled, an unemployed former shopkeeper, to seethe in his 11th-floor apartment in Gaza City. Khaled, 55, said he voted for Hamas because it promised change and justice, which he figured meant there would be jobs.

But only those who “pray in a Hamas mosque” get work, he said, adding that the movement’s leaders look as though they have gotten comfortable with their mini-state and have forgotten about fighting for Palestinian independence.

“We used to take taxis, now we walk. We were eating, now we are not. We must admit, things changed — but for the worse,” Khaled said wryly, speaking through coils of cigarette smoke. “Hamas is controlling us. They are responsible for us.”

I artikeln kommer också följande sensationella uppgift fram:

“Many aspects of the siege are imposed by Hamas,” said the manager, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of fears of losing his job.

…men det ska vi tala tyst om för annars kan det bli för jobbigt.

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