‎The politics of anger begins by attacking Jews but it never ends only by attacking Jews. It was not Jews alone who suffered in Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, and as we are seeing today in Libya, in Syria, of that matter in Iran, the regimes that are most hostile to Jews and Israel are the most hostile to their own people and to freedom itself. And that is the archimedean lever by which we can move the world. Those who deny freedom to Jews will eventually lose or fail to find freedom themeselves. To win freedom you have to let go of hate. If you don’t you will remain enslaved to the past and you will fail to build a better future. Let us Jew, Christian, moderate Muslim fight hate together for the sake of our children, for the sake of our future and for the sake of the freedom to be who we are.

Detta var slutklämen av detta klipp som egentligen borde vara obligatoriskt för alla: